FP Discreet under the pants Shin protector sleeves

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Lo Pro shin sleeves are the next level of impact protection for all sports. Available in S,M,L,XL, they will fit like a sleeve with soft and flexible protection that activates on impact, absorbing massive amounts of energy yet remains hidden under pants. Mfg Sweatpant.
  1. Measure around your shin 2 inches below your knee
  2. Divide by 2
  3. Select the closest Sleeve opening size that is smaller than your measurement.
Sleeve opening:
  • Small : 12.5cm
  • Medium: 13.5cm
  • Large: 15.5cm
  • XL : 17.5cm

Sleeve opening (bottom)  

  • Small : 9cm
  • Medium : 10cm
  • Large : 10.5cm
  • XL : 12cm

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USA Men's | Women's size

Large, Small, Medium, XL

5 reviews for FP Discreet under the pants Shin protector sleeves

  1. Ryan Logan

    These are a big improvement over the socks. They are comfortable, stretchy and have a silicone type ring around the inside of each opening to help them from slipping down. Im a average build man with medium+ muscle and the XL just fits. The padding is great, thicker and bigger than the sock.

  2. tenaciousjt (verified owner)

    These are the best skate accessory I’ve used before. They offer much better protection than the socks do. I’ve been a victim of shinners from my board for many years, but those days are over now. I refuse to skate without wearing these! Nollie tres straight to the shin and won’t feel a thing! Every street skateboarder needs a pair of these. I only wish that FP would come out with some ankle protection sleeves too! But shout out to whoever engineered these because I can wear them all day and be comfortable, I even forget that I have them on sometimes.

  3. Kirill Kolesnikov (verified owner)

    Bulletproof. I just took out the padding part and put it in my normal knee-high socks. I also have painkiller socks but when they’re dirty this is what I use.

  4. anthony (verified owner)

    Great product and excellent design, really helps with trying not to re-injure your shins. I only gave 4 stars because quality of stitching is a bit poor unless I just got an off pair. After two wears some of the stitching is coming out. The pads are removable and I plan on trying the wash the sleeves and lay dry. It seems they will hopefully hold up but all in all they really do protect tour shins from some moderate wood and metal bruising or splitting your shins up.

  5. Cj

    Beware, these are only the sleeves. They do not contain the pad. Not sure what the reviews on here are for but it’s not this product, according to Mike.

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