Bamboo Charcoal Knee Sleeve

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This product will change your life… if you are a skateboarder.

This new innovative piece will prove to be essential for all street skaters. No matter how good you are at “rolling away” from a slam, the unprotected bones on the outer sides of the knee are always going to get bruised and scabbed when you roll.

This easy to slip on article has kingfoam gold on the sides of the knees to stop the injuries and keep you skating longer which you will find to make a huge difference in your life.

It also acts as a non restrictive knee stabilizer. You can wear it inside out for less knee support and you will still get the slam protection.

Bamboo Charcoal is incorporated into it. Anti fungal and anti bacterial, bamboo charcoal considered a next generation nano technology fabric because the embedded bamboo charcoal emits electrical negative ions and far infra red rays which stimulate blood circulation and oxygen delivery to cells. This is known to increase performance and shorten fatigue times.

We recommend you buy one for each knee as you will not want to skate without them.

One size fits most

Bamboo Charcoal 21%
Cotton 28%
Nylon 16%
Spandex 18%
Latex 15%
wash cold and hang dry

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Weight 0.75 lbs
USA Men's | Women's size

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8 reviews for Bamboo Charcoal Knee Sleeve

  1. Tim Marler

    I have tried some types of knee braces and this one is by far the best i have ever had for skating in. its extremely flexible and protective. About a year ago i slammed my LCL, it was a large bruise. i have had problems since. but since i got these king foam knee braces they are absolutely amazing and i never had my LCL bruise problem again. A must have for skating for sure 🙂

  2. Casey Winckler

    I LOVE this thing my knee is fucked and when i got this it made it feel so much better when I skate

  3. Steven Howard

    Yes, this knee brace is comfortable and protective however it only protects the side of your knee. I bought two, and I should have examined that the picture shows the side of your knee more than your knee cap. I tend to hit my knee cap and the soft part around my knee when I hit my knee area, not the sides of my knee like this product protects. Good product, just not what I expected

  4. AHGreen

    I like these sleeves very much. They take some pressure off of my knees and I have much less pain during and after skating. Very resilient material, super comfortable, and they stay in place really well! You can wear it under most pants too without any discomfort. Definitely better than any other support brace/sleeve I’ve tried. I’m able to wash them in the washing machine too…just avoid hot water and air dry out of direct sunlight to keep the materials in good condition.

  5. Tom

    I have been wanting a knee brace for a while now and now since I finally decided to invest a little money in my body I got one to try out (also got the kingfoam insoles and socks). I’m very pleased that there are those pads on the inside so no more side knee bruises!!! very good support in the brace also. very well made.

  6. Aaron

    I was recently diagnosed with PatelloFemoral knee pain. basically, my kneecap doesn’t track in a straight line and it hurts really bad. So, I’m already dealing with pain in my knee from normal wear and tear, now add all the impact and falls from skateboarding. THESE PADS SAVED MY (skateboarding) LIFE! i highly recommend these pads for anyone who wants concealed protection. But, remember, these pads are soft and are recommended for street use not transition. THANKS FP INSOLES!


    Being older (34) my knees have seen some action and they aren’t what they used to be. My right knee specifically. I use the sleeve more for support but it also keeps my knee warmer and I can skate longer. I haven’t needed the side protection yet but its good to know that its there. AND it doesn’t stink after getting all sweaty!!

  8. Myles Timothy

    I bought this and love it, it breathes very well, gives my knees the support they need at times and helps protect them. I was at the skatepark and went in for a kickflip bs 50-50 and my foot slipped off the tail and it ended up shooting into my knee hitting the padding on the sleeve, saved me from hurting myself, becoming scared of the trick and gave me the confidence to keep attempting the trick.

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