FP Insoles Kingfoam Orthotic Fluidx Pro

We are Footprint Insoles, the epitome of comfort and performance. Our patented KingFoam Orthotic Pro boasts cutting-edge FluidX Arch Technology, dynamically adapting to your foot’s contours with every step. Experience unrivaled shock protection in any environment, thanks to extreme absorption capabilities. Crafted for durability, our insoles feature tough skin and a TPU layer, ensuring longevity. Tested to absorb over 90% of shock energy in ASTM F1614 lab tests, our insoles utilize NASA-grade technology for superior performance. Elevate your footwear experience with Footprint Insoles, providing unmatched support and comfort for every stride.


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Colours Collectiv AJA Skeleton Black White Camo
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Step into the Future: Where Support Meets Impact Protection at Its Peak

Product Short Summary:

  • Our KingFoam Orthotic Pro features cutting-edge FluidX Arch Technology for enhanced support.
  • Here we have adaptive comfort our arch and heel adjust instantly to your foot’s shape with every step.
  • Experience unmatched comfort and shock protection with our innovative design.
  • Stay protected in any temperature with extreme shock absorption for consistent performance.
  • Enjoy firm custom orthotic support on every step, ensuring confidence with each stride.
  • Built tough with our embossed skeleton logo bottom and durable tough skin.
  • With its long-lasting durability: Our orthotic pro includes a TPU layer for added resilience.
  • Defy shock with over 90% absorption, backed by the trusted formula used by NASA.

Easy, Rapid Adaptation

With our KingFoam Orthotic Fluid Pro, experience the revolutionary FluidX technology, meticulously adapting to your foot’s unique shape and impact zones with every stride, ensuring enduring comfort and support from day one to the last step. Like i said, easy, rapid, adaptation.

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Colours Collectiv AJA, Skeleton Black, White Camo


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