Choosing the right insole depends on your foot type






Low/ Flat arch : Try our signature Gamechangers

A low arch doesn't allow proper biomechanical function which results in chronic soreness and injury.

A custom orthotic prevents the collapse of the arch and assists in keeping the joints aligned.

This life changing device allows you to avoid soreness and injury.

Our signature Gamechangers are adamantly used by top level athletes in over 20 countries and can be remolded to any foot and any shoe.

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Kingfoam Orthotics

Mid Arch : read further

A mid arch is the ideal type of arch. Unfortunately it is estimated 70% of people's arches are too low.

With a mid arch you have the option to use a flat insole or an orthotic. The best way to choose is based on your symptoms.

Get an orthotic if:
-You get sore joints after prolonged sports/running and jumping
- You have ever torn an acl

Get a flat insole if:
- You don't suffer from joint pain.
- You simply want more shock absorption

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High Arch : Flat insole

A high arch tends to lean too far to the outside

This leads to easy ankle sprains.

Pressure isn't distributed to the foot evenly which leads to heel bruises and impact injuries.

An orthotic will not help however a flat energy/shock absorbing insole will greatly remedy the situation.

** If suffering from plantar fascittis ,our Gamechangers will assist the ligament's healing process.

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